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Elementary Library Media

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  Elementary:  Library Media 

*PDF versions are provided for student access on Chromebooks. PPTs may be customized by the teacher/librarian and then posted as PDFs in Schoology. 

Direct links to database content within these models may require authentication with logins available on the BCPS Digital Content page in the Apps Portal.



  • Pets (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    Which type of pet would be best for you?


Grade 1

  • Clouds (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How can clouds help us to predict the weather? 
  • Tangrams (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How can I use tangrams to tell a story?
  • Who's New at the Zoo? (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How do external features help us classify animals?


Grade 2 

  • Beautiful Bridges (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*


Grade 3

  • Healthy Habits (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How can you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • Save or Spend? (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    Why is it important to understand earning, saving and spending money?
  • Wicked Weather (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How can I be prepared for severe weather in different parts of the world?


Grade 4

  • America in Miniature (formerly titled, Go Maryland) (ORM) CourseArc
    Why is Maryland called "America in Miniature"?
  • Poetry SLAM! (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How do poems create visual images and meaning for the reader?


Grade 5

  • Act Now! Supplies Limited! (ORM)  CourseArc
    How can I encourage others to take better care of our Earth?
  • Careers in STEM (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How do the contributions of the STEM community impact the global community?