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MS VPA ORM-Slam Dunk Index (redirected from MS Visual and Performing Arts)

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  Middle School: Visual and Performing Arts

* PPT versions are WCAG accessible and may be customized. PDF versions are provided to enable direct links to certain database content. Students may need to authenticate databases on the Digital Content tile in BCPS One to open direct links.

** This Slam Dunk is available in Schoology lesson format; consult your curriculum or ask your library media specialist.

*** YouTube videos included in these lessons may be shown by the teacher/librarian, or student access provided via VoiceThread or Safari Montage.

**** Report any broken links in Slam Dunks/ORMs to your library media specialist.



  • World Dance Forms (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How does knowing about societal, cultural, historical, and community experience expand dance literacy? 



American Music

    • All That Jazz (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*

      How is jazz music an expression of personal experience?

    • Native Dreams: Contemporary Native American Music (ORM) CourseArc

      How is contemporary Native American music both an expression of traditional culture and a powerful force for change? 

    • Roots of American Music (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT* | Schoology Lesson**
      What were the roles of music in the lives of American enslaved and free Black people?

    • Roots of Pop, Rock, Rap & Hip Hop (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

      How are musical genres influenced by history, society, and personal experience? 

    • Star Spangled Inspiration (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

      What does it mean to be patriotic? How is patriotism evoked in music?

    • The Blues (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

      How is blues music an expression of personal experience?


Choral Music

    • All Singing, All the Time (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

      How is a cappella singing different from accompanied singing?

    • Musical Careers (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

      How could music class help me to prepare for a future career?

    • Sounds of Social Change (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
      How do music and lyrics create social change?



    • The Guitar: Deconstruct and Design (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
      How do a guitar's components and anatomy influence its sound?


Instrumental Music

    • Diversity in Orchestras (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
      How are orchestras creating unity through community engagement?  
    • Instrumental Music Careers (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
      What career in instrumental music would best suit my strengths and talents?
    • Maestros Moving Mountains (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
      How does diverse representation of music conductors impact the orchestral experience? 
    • Music Time Capsule (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

      How does knowledge of historical context help us to better appreciate music?

World Music

    • ABBA-cadabra: The Magic of Contemporary European Music (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
      During which point in time was Europop most successful?

    • African Music (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT* 
      How is African music used as a form of communication?

    • Behind the Music of Bollywood (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

      What is the role of music in Bollywood films? 

    • Chinese Opera (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*

      How can music represent cultural values?

    • Comparing Carnival Traditions in Latin America (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

      How do Latin American Carnival celebrations blend music and traditions of different groups and cultures? 

    • Music Around the World (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

      How does the purpose of music vary for different cultures around the world?

    • Name That Russian Music Genre (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT
      How do musical elements and instruments create the unique sounds of different Russian music genres?

    • National Anthems (ORM) CourseArc

      How are cultural values reflected in a country's national anthem?

    • Timbre (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

      How does timbre influence the character, quality, or reception of music?

Visual Arts

  • Landscapes (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT
    How do artists use the landscape to communicate their observations about ecology and the interaction of man-made materials with the natural environment?
  • Self-Portraits (Slam Dunk)  PDFPPT 
    How does an artist use art elements to create the principles of design in order to convey personal ideas?

  • Still Life (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT
    How do artists use compositional and media techniques to communicate intended effects in still life art?