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MS Science ORM-Slam Dunk Index

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  Middle School: Science

*PPT versions of Slam Dunks are WCAG accessible. PDF versions are provided to enable direct links to certain digital content.  Students using the PPT version may need to authenticate a database via the Digital Content tile in BCPS One to access direct links. 


Grade 6


  • Food Chains in the Chesapeake (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How do changes in the food chain affect other organisms in the Chesapeake Bay? 

  • Monarch Conservation (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How can we increase the population of monarch butterflies in the Days Cove ecosystem?

  •  The Rock Cycle (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How can the processes that change one form of rock into another be described? 


Grade 7

  • Energy Transformations (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    What are the specific energy transformations that matter undergoes?

  • Potential and Kinetic Energy (Slam Dunk) PDF PPT*
    How do you describe the relationship between potential energy and kinetic energy in moving objects?  

  • Sensory Receptors (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*
    How can knowing about sensory receptors help us to predict phenomenon in natural environments?


Grade 8

  • Climate Change Mysteries (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*

    What evidence can we use to that climate change is caused by natural processes or by humans?

  • Human Activity and Watersheds (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*

    How does human activity in your neighborhood impact water quality in the watershed in which you live?

  • Little Fish, Big Impact (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*

    Should the menhaden fishing industry be more strictly regulated?  

  • Our Changing Chesapeake (ORM) CourseArc

    How does our use of natural resources impact the quality of the environment?

  • Oysters and the Bay (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*

    What is the connection between oysters and a healthy Chesapeake Bay? 

  • Pollution and the Chesapeake Bay (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*

    How do pollutants affect organisms like SAV (submerged aquatic vegetation) in the Chesapeake?