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HS ELA ORM-Slam Dunk Index

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book with pencil   High School: English Language Arts

*PPT versions of Slam Dunks are WCAG accessible. PDF versions are provided to enable direct links to certain digital content.  Students using the PPT version may need to authenticate a database via the Digital Content tile in BCPS One to access direct links.


Grade 9 

  • Be the Change (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How can I advocate to address a problem or issue that affects my community?

  • Burning Books: Background on Fahrenheit 451 (Slam Dunk )  PDF | PPT*
    How does Fahrenheit 451 reflect the time in which it was written?

  • Cuban Inspiration: Background for The Old Man and the Sea (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How did Cuban society and culture influence the writing of The Old Man and the Sea?

  • Inspiration and Transformation: Romeo and Juliet (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How have creative artists interpreted the Romeo and Juliet motif?

  • The House on Mango Street - Using Literary Criticism (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How can the critical approaches change our understanding of a text?

  • Kindred (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How important is the historical context to interpreting a work?

  • The Odyssey: The Effects of War (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How do people endure after facing adversity?

  • The Scottsboro Boys (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How have attitudes about race influenced the American justice system?


Grade 10

  • A Long Way Gone (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How were the children of Sierra Leone affected by its civil war?

  • Ambition, Power, and Corruption: Macbeth (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How do instances of ambition, power & corruption in contemporary society compare to those found in Shakespeare’s Macbeth? 

  • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How do obstacles lead to innovation?

  • Characters on the Couch: The Psychological Approach to Literary Criticism (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How does the lens of psychological literary criticism help us understand character motivation?

  • Cinderella: a Cultural Adventure (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How are cultural values reflected in literature?

  • Impact of Colonialism on African Culture (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How can the dynamics of power and control be seen in African culture?

  • In the Time of the Butterflies (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How do people in a country oppressed by its leaders fight for freedom?

  • Infographics (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How can you construct an effective argument using images?

  • Overcoming Oppression (ORM)  CourseArc

    How should a United States Ambassador respond to oppression in another country?


Grade 11

  • The Awakening (ORM)  CourseArc

    How are changes in the role of women in American society at the turn of the century portrayed in Kate Chopin's The Awakening

  • The Distance Between Us (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    What are the impacts of immigration? 

  • Fences: Facing Obstacles On and Off the Diamond (ORM)  CourseArc

    How did the "fences" faced by Negro League baseball players reflect conditions in America at the time?

  • Gatsby as Grail Quest (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    What parallels can be drawn between F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and the Grail Quest of Arthurian legend?

  • I Declare! The Founding Fathers Sound Off on Contemporary Issues (ORM)  CourseArc

    How would a founding father respond to a contemporary American issue?

  • Puritanism, Witch Trials, and McCarthyism (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How does literature convey the idea of protest in America?


Grade 12

  • Anglo-Saxon Background for Beowulf (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How does a society's culture evolve from the experiences, beliefs, and environment of its people?

  • Behind the Lens: Documenting Your Argument (ORM)  CourseArc

    How can you use rhetorical devices and cinematic techniques to influence an audience?

  • Henrietta Lacks (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How did the culture of Baltimore in the 1940's and 1950's shape the experiences of Henrietta Lacks? 

  • Outlier of the Year (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    What are the most significant factors that lead to success?

  • Poverty in Appalachia: The Glass Castle (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT
    What factors contributed to poverty in Appalachia, and how can this be addressed?

  • The Truth of a Memoir (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    What is the relationship between truth and memoir?