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HS HPE ORM-Slam Dunk Index

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person running 

  High School: Health & Physical Education

*PDF versions are provided for student access on Chromebooks. PPTs may be customized by the teacher/librarian and then posted as PDFs in Schoology. 

Direct links to database content within these models may require authentication with logins available on the BCPS Digital Content page in the Apps Portal.


Grades 9-12


  • Biomechanics (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    Why are biomechanical principles essential to either skill performance or the analysis of the skill?

  • Nutrition (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How do your nutritional choices impact your quality of life?

  • SMART Fitness Plan (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How are SMART goals and the activity pyramid incorporated into a fitness program plan?

  • Sound Body, Sound Mind (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*

    How does your physical activity correlate to academic performances/brain function?


Grades 9-12 - Healthy Media Use integration

*These Slam Dunks are directly aligned to HS Health standards.


  • Alone Together: Cell Phones & Our Health (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How might cell phone use be harmful to our health?

  • Hooked: Your Brain on Digital Media (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How does digital media impact your brain?