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HS DIG ORM-Slam Dunk Index

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  High School: Digital Citizenship

*PDF versions are provided for student access on Chromebooks. PPTs may be customized by the teacher/librarian and then posted as PDFs in Schoology. 

Direct links to database content within these models may require authentication with logins available on the BCPS Digital Content page in the Apps Portal.



Digital Citizenship instruction is required for all students in grades 9-12. High School Library Media Specialists will collaborate with school leaders and teachers to coordinate implementation in aligned content areas.


High School Digital Citizenship Lessons 

Grade 9 
  • Balancing Act: Mindful Media Use (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How can we achieve a healthy digital media balance in our lives?
  • Defusing Digital Drama (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How can counter-speech be used to respond to cyberbullying and hate speech?
  • Lateral Reading: Read Like a Fact Checker (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT
    How can lateral reading help you to avoid being fooled by fake information online?

Grade 10 

  • Healthy Relationships: Setting Boundaries (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How can I make sure my relationships remain positive and healthy online and offline?

  • Sculpting Your Digital Footprint (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How can curating a positive digital presence help to prepare you for future success? 
  • NEW! Social Media & How You Feel (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*

    How does your social media use affect how you feel?


Grade 11

  • Confirmation Bias (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How can we challenge our own confirmation bias?
  • Mind & Body: Effects of Screen Time (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How could screen time and digital media use affect our physical and mental health?

Grade 12  

  • Data Dilemma: Privacy & Security (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How can I protect my information from data privacy risks in the digital world?
  • Media Misinformation: Choices & Consequences (Slam Dunk)  PDF | PPT*
    How can choices we make online contribute to the spread of misinformation?
  • NEW! The Consequences of Online Hate Speech (Slam Dunk) PDF | PPT*

    Should online hate speech be regulated?